Jujy Fruit!

Jujy Fruit was an abandoned crack baby that was found and raised by a pack of wild niggaz. They taught him how to steal, lie,cheat, blend into the night, play dominoes, pimp out, and how to play a musical instrument. Around the age of 12 he was charged with domestic abuse when he threw a potted plant at his 27 year old wife. He was put on probation. He was pimpin one night on 42nd street when a white boy came up and asked for a hoe. Jujy said that they were all busy for the night so he offered the white boy a drink. They went back to his place and tossed back some 40 oz.s After they were completely wasted, whitey saw the beat up acoustic that jujy had stolen from a homeless man a couple nights before. He picked it up and started playing random notes. In his drunken state, Jujy thought it was cool and suggested that they hook up and jam sometime. Whitey said ok and brought out a fattie to celebrate. Jujy's eyes lit up at the size of the fat toke and quickly whipped out a lighter. They both took mighty hits of the spliff and tried to offer the mirror a hit. Whitey suddenly remarked, "Thats one Phatty Bombatty!" and that was how the band began.