Dis be one phat ass song
This is my interpretation of it and it
could be wrong

this will take 2 guitars:
guitar1(DGCFad) and guitar2(ADGCea)

Verse (guitar1)
d|-19--17--19p17--------| this lick takes practice to
a|---------------20--18-| get the rhythm perfect

Verse (geetar 2)
make scratchy noizes by rubbining yo damn fingas on da strings
while doin tha wah wah.

G|-5--3--2--8--7--6-| guitar1 can play these as 
D|-5--3--2--8--7--6-| inverted power chords

d|-10-10-10-9-9-9-8-8-8-7-7-7-| guitar2 can play this 
a|-10-10-10-9-9-9-8-8-8-7-7-7-| on its 2 highest strings
this riff keeps decending the last time through


Yo chuck we got runnin mixes in da headphones
1 2 3 and I come wit da wicked style you know
Down from da wicked crew you act like you knew
But i got everybody jumpin to tha voodoo you 
kick it wicked rhymes picket signs me and my mob
gotta trunk full uv nines 
Drop and I'll slay ya  but on your birthday for the ella
Ready to buh buh buh but is it nice to duck duck duck
Before I bust your lookin for the one that did it you and I
Both know you never gonna get it because I'm the one wit dem
Tight mat skills And i wont choke like the buffalo bills
Sittin at tha pad just chillin Larry Parker just got 2million
Oh what a fuckin feelin dat nigger came passed me tha pill
and I slam dunk it like shaquille Oneil
Wicked wreckin baby i rock that test tube baby dig it cause im 
wicked tellin me not to keep on the fire
wicked tellin me not to keep on the fire
wicked tellin me not to keep on the fire
never in the face cause i keep on the fire(WICKED!)
Don't say nuttin just listen got me a plan to break Tyson out
of prison you come my way you get served still gotta deuce
bunny hop tha curbNappy head Nappy chest nappy chin never seen
with the happy grin goin flat frown cause im down 
so take a look around all you see is big black boots
step and use my steel toe as weapon
but its awfully quiet you want to hammer this nail onto with a stick
uh! but dats nasty cause I got a body count like IceT 
From in New York I get dem skins I ain't even talkin about
pork you swine you pig dig listen to da flow from a 
so froed caucasion uh your picket signs
all this funky ass wisdom picket budget talkin im Wicked
people wanna know how come I got a gat and I'm sittin 
at the window like Malcolm ready to BRING DAT NOISE
cause its going to get heavy like tha Geto Boyz
december 29th was power to tha people yall might just see a sequel
because police gots equal hay a horse is a pig 
Im doin Daryl Gates but its Willie Williams  
wit da pilgrims i'll do you with the biggest job
take this job just do it cause i am wicked