Below is equipment that Korn supposedly uses. Some of the equipment IS used but others I just don't know. So if you know, then please tell me! thanks AL and jus

James "Munky" Shafer

*guitars: White 7 string Universe (model UV7P), 
          Black Universe(model UV7)
          Sears Silvertone
          Jerry Jones Electric Sitar

*Amps: Mesa Boogie dual Rectifiers, although 
       he has an endorsement from Hughes and 
       Kettner like Brian 
*FX: Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser, 
     Mu-Tron Bi-Phaser, Ibanex Chorus, Wah pedal,
     and in the studio; an augmented Big Muff
     pedal(Modified by Richard Kaplan); talk box, Digitech
     whammy/wah, electroharmonix q-tron, ibanez bi chorus  

Brian "Head" Welch

*Guitars: White 7 String Universe(model UV7P), gibson Les
          Paul(for recording in the studio)

*Amps: Hughes and Kettner Attax

*FX: vintage Ibanez Tube Screamer, and Big Muff Distortion pedal,
     DOD distortion, boss fz-2, ps3 pitch shifter, rv3 reverb,


*Basses: Ibanez Soundgear 505's(Black with face scratched out & 
        natural finish), Soundgear 1305(Paduak-not verified), and
        ATK305(amber/ash body)

*AMPS: ?? in the Blind video he uses Peavey

David Silvera

*Cymbals: paiste Rude's

*Drums: Pearl(?) mettallic green finish

*Set-Up: Single Bass Drum(22"), 2 tom-toms, 2 floor toms, 
         snare(6"deep?) Gibraltar-type rack system, DW pedals
         Polekat(?) drum trigger(for thud in Ball Tongue and Blind)

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